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Weight loss was never a cause of concern for me. Yeah, it did hurt a little when friends used to call me ‘fatty’, or ‘fatso’ and when hot girls seemed to be out of my league but I never cared too much about people anyway.

So, it was all fine until one fine day when it dawned upon me that I need to have a good physique and a great body to get into armed forces. That was my dream. I’ve always had a strong patriotic fervor oozing inside me and I just didn’t want to give up on my dream because of my flab body. Weighing 215 pounds with a height of 5' 11" was definitely a big liability. Determined, I started exercising but keeping a check on my outrageous food habits proved to be an impossible mission. It was no big deal for me to munch away two packs of potato chips everyday while watching a nice flick, or hog upon some pizzas or snacks in between the meals. I’m a big time foodie and most things were too hard to resist.

I did join some weight loss programs that didn’t prove to be of any good for the same reason. I knew I had to curb my appetite but whenever I tried, I was starving to death and craving for sumptuous delicacies. Finally, I found the solution to my problem in diet pills.

There are primarily three reasons that I believe diet pills worked for me:

  • Curbed appetite, no cravings, no resistance – Diet pills increases the production of two chemicals, namely, Catecholamine and serotonin, in mind. These are the chemicals that are responsible for mood and appetite. Hence, the brain is tricked into thinking that you are full when you haven’t had much in real. So, even when I had my favorite dishes laid in front of me, I didn’t feel like having them. I didn’t have to struggle with resisting my cravings even for delicious food. It became a smooth road to tread.
  • Realistic expectations – Many people who cannot squeeze time out for exercising and want to continue the same eating habits must know that diet pills are not magic pills that will help you reduce weight with your lousy lifestyle. You should at least be willing to make your side of the efforts; however the transition is made easier by diet pills. So, if a regular exercise routine and right eating habits give you jitters, you are better off living in your dream of finding a magical weight loss solution than spare money on diet pills. I was well aware of these things and it did work amazingly well for me. I weigh 105 pounds now! What more do I say? I am confident of the results, if you do not fall short of your commitment.
  • No reversal of lost weight – Like many other weight watchers, one of the primary causes of my worry was - what if all my efforts go down the drain and I gain all my lost weight when I stop taking diet pills? You can put all such fears to rest as the perception with which diet pills are manufactured emphasizes that these pills are only recommended for short-term use. They basically pave your way psychologically towards a healthier lifestyle without cringing. Once your body accepts this healthy lifestyle, you would happily adhere to healthy eating and exercising habits even when you stop taking diet pills. I do occasionally indulge in eating my favorite desserts and other foods but overall I am a good-looking, healthy man and I am proud even to boast about it.